Christmas Night Out – 2018

On the 7th of December we celebrated our first Christmas Night Out as “Costin Group”

Our teams made the effort to travel from all corners of Scotland, for some this meant a 5 hour drive and overnight stay!

We made our presence known at the Ardencaple Hotel, Helensburgh.

The room was fantastic.. Lewis-setting up our “Funny Picture slideshow”

Everyone was in Christmas Spirits-Sue in the background “very spirited”

Awards Ceremony – Not serious in the slightest, was very funny!

Andrew and Michael enjoying the evening. Posing!

Anthony – Get away from my prawns.

We cant all be winners – Raffle!

It was a great night. With special thanks to Billy Reid, a fantastic magician that we cant recommend enough.



Costin Group on Knightsbridge Commercial

Knightsbridge Business Sales has produced a short piece on the purchase of RCS Enviro Ltd by Squeegee Cleaning Solutions (Costin Group).

Read more here…

Knightsbridge Commercial Manager, Sara Thomasson handled the sale of RCS Enviro Ltd and commented: “We are very pleased with the results of this sale and cannot wait to see what the future holds for both our client and the buyer. This is a very exciting time for both companies, in that growth and expansion is most certainly on the cards. We wish them both the best of luck.”

Supporting Local Causes

This weekend the Costin Group has, for the second year in a row, taken part in the ‘Board Walk’ – an annual event to raise funds for the Helensburgh Garelochside Rotary Club.

“Our members engage in a wide range of activities. We fundraise and help the needy in our local, national and international community in many different ways. We organise programmes to help the young people in our community.”

To find out more about the event please visit their website.

Back In Time…

My brother and I in the very first van, working out of our parent’s spare bedroom…

It quickly became apparent that we needed one each….

Christopher and I worked hard to sell our services and the name “Squeegee” became very well known in the west of Scotland. We purchased EC Cleaning and our team grew…

Showing our capabilities in Window Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Cladding Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning led to being asked about Ventilation Cleaning, on the back of this we received specialist training at the AEME European Training Centre in Devon. VentPro Ltd was born…


We are the “Costin Group”

2018 has been a year of massive change for us. Our two companies have become three and our two regional offices have became one central headquarters.

This is our first viewing of our Bathgate HQ:

In July we purchased RCS Enviro Ltd. A very well known company based in the east of Scotland with a history spanning nearly 45 years. These years of industry leading service led to a Royal Warrant being granted by Her Majesty the Queen. These high standards along with many service crossovers have made for a lovely fit with our “business family”.

Costin Group - RCS Enviro Buyout

Our Squeegee, Ventpro and RCS Enviro teams have met for the first time at our group BBQ, mingled and are now working fantastically together…

Costin Group - Our First BBQ!

Our divisions take on a new look…

Costin Group - Our New Logos

Our new Bathgate Headquarters receive a makeover…


Costin Group - Office Before Picture


Costin Group - Office During Picture


Costin Group - Office After Picture